Aileen Downey*

Warm, Clear, Smooth. Tipperary.

Aileen Downey*

Warm, Clear, Smooth. Tipperary.



*HAS HOME RECORDING FACILITIES - SSL2 USB Audio Interface and Pro Tools Software

A native of Co. Tipperary, Aileen has a wealth of industry experience as a voiceover artist, from commercials, promos and documentaries to animation, audio description and radio drama. She has voiced commercials for the likes of Kia Motors, Stena Line, Guinness,, Gillette, Sony Ericsson, Avon, Pampers, Corsodyl etc, promos for Sky Arts, Discovery, Drama, PBS and BBC Worldwide.

Aileen's the voice of the UKTVs natural history channel Eden and the movie and drama channel AMC UK and her recent animation work is with Futurumkids and Telegael.

Voice Arts Awards Nominee (SOVAS USA) 2020 Outstanding Promo Demo, Best Voiceover

One Voice Awards Nominee 2021 UK Voiceover Artist of the Year

One Voice Awards Nominee 2022 Television Promo, Best Overall Performance

One Voice Awards Nominee 2023 Television Promo, Best Overall Performance  


  • 40s, 40s-50s, 50s, 50s-60s