About us

Established in Dublin in 1997, Voicebank has a wonderful history of looking after both voiceover talent and the creative talent that needs it – we strive to keep everyone happy!

We have a reputation for being friendly and approachable, with extensive knowledge, not only of the business, but of all of our artists and their capabilities. We are completely happy to recommend each and every one of our artists, and are delighted to be representing this fine roster of voiceover talent.

... but don‘t just take our word for it, check out our Testimonials.

Photo of Deborah Pearce

Deborah Pearce

Founder and Director

Deborah set up Voicebank Dublin in 1997 when she thought that she'd set up a collective for actors to band together to strengthen their position when looking to get hired (and paid) for VO work. It didn't quite work out that way and Voicebank ended up being an agency instead. After 22 years managing contracts, negotiations and artist relations in Dublin, she is now doing the same in London too — and loving it!

Photo of Megan Forbes Roe

Megan Forbes Roe

Assistant Agent

Megan joined Voicebank in 2019 — a dramatic change from her previous life as a zoologist! Along with Joe, Megan deals with Voicebank's bookings and day-to-day billing, so there's a 50/50 chance that she'll the person that you get talking to on the phone!

Photo of Joe Murphy

Joe Murphy

Assistant Agent

Joe joined the Voicebank team in 2019 and is loving it! Alongside Megan he makes sure that artist and client alike are dealt with quickly, happily and efficiently. Joe has a real love of theatre so you're likely bump into him him at the occasional play (or twelve) too — a great set of eyes and ears on the ground!

Photo of David Houlden

David Houlden


As well as company management with Deborah, Dave looks after IT and also crunches those all-important numbers.

Photo of Kirsten Troy

Kirsten Troy

Voiceover Agent (London Office)

Kirsten worked with Voicebank in Dublin as an Assisant Agent before being hired by one of London’s busiest advertising agencies as an Audio Producer. She is back with us now in the London office as a key member of the team, and the person you’re most likely to get on the phone there!

Photo of Georgia Jones

Georgia Jones

Cover (Dublin and London)

Georgia was a child voiceover artist and has been helping out at Voicebank on-and-off since she left school. Nowadays, she is just as likely to take be taking the occasional call in Dublin or London as lending a hand with our social media.