Niamh McCann

Relaxed, unffected and versatile with a rich tone and flawless delivery.

Niamh went to London to the Guildhall school of Music and Drama to train. Upon graduating Niamh then went straight  into the world famous Shakespeares Globe Theatre , returning to them for several seasons . Since then she has worked at The RSC, The National Theatre, The Abbey, The Gate and many more. Niamh did several voice overs for Xbox games whilst living in London, voicing several animated characters. And now she's here and you can listen to her, be amazed, then book her!



PLAYING RANGE: 20's, 30's

STYLES: Natural, Husky, Corporate, Hard Sell, Straight, Soft-Sell, Characters

REGIONS: Neutral, Leinster

BASED IN: Dublin

ACCENTS: Kerry, German, American, Dublin, English



Niamh McCann
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