Katie Kirby

This incredibly versatile actress is delighted to have turned her hand to voiceovers recently - she finds she really loves  doing them!

You may recognise Katie as a regular on the Gate stage, where she has had many succesful outings in the last few years. Returning to Dublin on such a regular basis for these shows encouraged Katie to return here for good,  having spent many years in London and New York, working steadily and in some very famous theatres indeed. And now she's here, and you can just book her whenever you want!



PLAYING RANGE: 20's, 30's

STYLES: Natural, Deep, Corporate, Hard Sell, Straight, Soft-Sell, Characters

REGIONS: Neutral, Leinster

BASED IN: Dublin

ACCENTS: Yes, No, Kerry, German, American, Dublin, English



Katie Kirby
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