Aoife Duffin * (London-based)

This young character actress, who is fresh to voiceovers, is a main player in Sky 1’s Moonboy. Aoife has a wide range of accents and styles,suiting most avenues of the VO world. Aoife has been as convincing as the voice of a National Bank as she has being an Irish bank robber in the Payday game!(IFTA nomination for best actress lead in a feature.Winner Irish times theatre award best supporting actress,Irish times theatre nomination for best actress. Best actress fringe award. More to come!)



PLAYING RANGE: 20's, 30's

STYLES: Natural, Rural, Straight, Soft-Sell, Comic

REGIONS: Connacht, Munster

BASED IN: Dublin

ACCENTS: Yes, Kerry



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Aoife Duffin * (London-based)
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