Allen Doyle* (London- based)

Allen has worked in the TV industry in Ireland and abroad for the last twenty years as a producer, director and a comedy writer on shows such as Naked Camera, Meet Your Neighbors and Trojan Donkey

Al started in the music industry in 1995 with a dance band called 4 Rhythm. He then went on to try his hand at Hip Hop joining The 3rd Eye Surfers releasing the first Irish Rap album in 2001 called 'Filthy Folklore'. In 2003 he joined a group called Decadence playing music ranging from Jazz to Heavy Metal releasing an album call 'Loud'.



PLAYING RANGE: 30's, 40's

STYLES: Impressions, Deep, Corporate, Hard Sell, Straight

REGIONS: Neutral



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Allen Doyle* (London- based)
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