We would ask, politely and respectfully, that potential VO  talent don't phone us for advice, as we are a very busy office . All that you need to know is on this page, and we will get back to you if we like the demo that you submit. Many thanks.




We aim to listen to all submissions, but this can take up to 2 months so please do not chase us for a response immediately.


We only contact voices we are interested in, so if you don't hear back from us within 2 months, I'm afraid you have not been successful.


When sending us your demos please adhere to the following guidelines:



Submissions will only be accepted by email sent to ; we will not visit any website links so any demo material must be attached
to the email.

Corporate, commercial and animations demos should all be sent
as separate files.

Non-animation recordings should contain straight reads.

Your voice demo should be sent as an MP3 attachment, no more
than 3MB in size.

Demos should not exceed one minute and thirty seconds (1:30).

The content of the demo will be at your own discretion, but we would advise that you do lots of listening to the demos on our, and other, sites.

The best demo's are recorded in professional recording studios. The invaluable advice of a seasoned professional engineer will go a long way to helping you get the best performance. A list of studios that we regularly work with is in the 'Links' section, under the phone on the homepage.



Voicebank are only likely to consider representation to professional and experienced voice over talent, professional in either the acting or broadcasting professions.


However, we may consider young newcomers to the industry who demonstrate a capability and confidence that is appropriate for the competitive nature of this industry.


Sincere thanks for your understanding,


00 353 1 235 0838