We pride ourselves in representing the best VO talent that this country has to offer -both established and emerging. Never ones to rest on our laurels, put 'New' into the search engine and see how hard we've been working for you! Voice-over talent is our business as we are unafilliated with any studio or theatrical agency. For us, it's all about the voice and the talent behind it!


As well as featuring some of Irelands best known actors, Voicebank is proud to feature expert broadcasters, brilliant impersonators and award winning comics. The diversity of voice-over talent represented by Voicebank ensures a quality service that caters for all voice-over needs in any medium.


Many of our artistes have worked extensively in the art of animation, providing character voices for BBC, RTE, Sky, Time Warner, TG4, Disney and Pixar — to name but a few! We have, over time, developed an extensive selection of highly-prized voice-overs who have specitific talents in the the art of animation, narration and of course advertising!




Most importantly, Voicebank never stops looking out for the best and the new. We are constantly updating our books with fresh and diverse talent to bring you the best of both established and fresh talent. As the most longest-running and respected voice-over agency in Ireland, we're proud to say, we have the pick of the crop and the creme de la creme!


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